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Cocaine Addiction, Effects And Cure

Cocaine Addiction, Effects And Cure 1

Cocaine is a drug with very harmful effects on physical and mental health and a great capacity to cause addiction in consumers. What is cocaine addiction? Cocaine is a drug  belonging to the group of psychoactive substances , i.e producing direct stimulatory effects on the central nervous system, mainly on the brain . Among its distinguishing characteristics is its high capacity to cause great dependency, so that even when taken in small doses, can generate a terrible addiction; another of its effects is a rapid tolerance to the dose, so the consumer tends to consume more […]

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Sugary Drinks Addiction And Why you Should Quit

­ It is common knowledge that the excess intake of sugary drinks is highly toxic to the body, yet the rate of its consumption worldwide keeps increasing each day. In fact a data from a cancer research group in the UK suggests that British teens alone are consuming almost a bathtub full of sugary substances each year. How higher can that get? Well, before proceeding to give you the reasons as to why you need to quit consuming sugary substances, lets get to know what sugary drinks […]

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Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps

Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps 2

How would you overcome something so addictive as the Internet, — something the majority of us end up totally immersed in throughout the day? I wouldn’t want to go into stating the reasons why you need to overcome an addiction such as this because I am assuming you are reading this article because you need a change. The change can be diverse things: maybe you play an excessive amount of computer games, watch so much porn, sit in front of your laptop surfing the web all day […]

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