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Porn Addiction; A Guide On Breaking Free

Porn addiction being a cancerous disease that it is, has eaten deeply into the lives of many individuals especially the youths of this present generation and so should be treated with all seriousness. This is because a person who is addicted to watching pornographic films and movies, will find it difficult to keep a healthy relationship. Some other things like depression and confusion can also set in. As the interest grows, the addiction to pornographic films becomes more stronger. If a person is addicted to watching pornography, […]

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Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps

Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps 1

How would you overcome something so addictive as the Internet, — something the majority of us end up totally immersed in throughout the day? I wouldn’t want to go into stating the reasons why you need to overcome an addiction such as this because I am assuming you are reading this article because you need a change. The change can be diverse things: maybe you play an excessive amount of computer games, watch so much porn, sit in front of your laptop surfing the web all day […]

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