Sugary Drinks Addiction And Why you Should Quit

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It is common knowledge that the excess intake of sugary drinks is highly toxic to the body, yet the rate of its consumption worldwide keeps increasing each day. In fact a data from a cancer research group in the UK suggests that British teens alone are consuming almost a bathtub full of sugary substances each year.

How higher can that get?

Well, before proceeding to give you the reasons as to why you need to quit consuming sugary substances, lets get to know what sugary drinks really are.

Sugary drinks (soft drinks) are those beverages that is filled with much sugar and other sweeteners. The added sugar in these drinks adds calories but with little to no nutrients. Examples of such drinks include soda and other carbonated soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks, sweetened tea, etc.

In today’s world, very many people are consuming the wrong type of foods and some others are trying to live with a particular type of diet. Choosing a diet means keeping away from unhealthy foods while taking in more of the healthy foods.

Sugary drinks are one of those consumables you should really strive to push out of your diet because of the risk it poses to your health. But if trying to push out this drinks from the list of things you consume and you find out that doing away with it is pretty difficult then you should realize that you are now addicted to it.

But If you are still not sure that it is an addiction then you should look out for the following symptoms below:

1. High Craving For Sugary Drinks:

You might find yourself worrying about when you are going to finish a task so that you can go and get a bottle of your favourite sweet drink. You are always looking forward to it which is not normal.

2. Rewarding Yourself With Sugary Drinks:

Once in a while, we choose to reward ourselves after completing a task. You might find yourself taking sugary drinks with lots of satisfaction after completing a task as your reward. Your brain has gotten used to these drinks and cannot help but use every opportunity possible to ask for more. If this is familiar to you, then you are addicted.

3. You Can’t Help But Take Sugary Drinks:

Maybe you must have realised that you are consuming too much of it and you have tried to stop but could not. This is the most obvious symptom that shows that you are addicted.

4. It Is Now Your Food Partner:

Are you finding it difficult to take your meal without a bottle of your favourite sugary drink to go with it? My dear you are now addicted.

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You might be thinking that since the sugary substances you are consuming isn’t illegal, then it shouldn’t matter how much of it you take. This is a very wrong thought because even though sugary drinks are not banned substances, taking too much of it would be very detrimental to your health and well-being.

There are life threatening consequences associated with excessive intake of sugary drinks. Some of them are:

1) Weak immune system.
2) Insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes.
3) Hypertension.
4) Heart attack and other related heart conditions.
5) It can lead to storing of excess body fat (more than what is needed for energy)
6) It can cause depression.

How To Overcome Sugary Drinks Addiction

Again. I have to say this, sugary drinks addiction is as serious as any type of addiction. Since it is triggered by the brain, to break free you must consider it seriously and take the necessary steps towards breaking free.

1) Get rid of sugary drinks in your home: This is the first step to take. Not having access to sugary drinks in your home will take away the temptation and help fight the urge.

2) Be aware of the alternatives: Here you should not just think of alternatives but healthy ones. You can go for sweet vegetables like carrot and fruits like orange whenever you have the urge.

3) Plan your food everyday: Going without a plan will just leave you at risk of consuming anything that comes your way and you may end up consuming a sugary drink if it is what you see at the time.
Plan your food for the day and before going shopping.

I think at this point I have to drop my pen and sip a little water while hoping that this article will make you think long and hard before reaching out for your favourite bottle of sugary drink.

And if you think there is something you don’t understand, or that there is something I omitted while typing, you can always use the comment section to communicate with me.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



  • Kay

    I like this

    I’ve Been looking for a way to end sugar addiction, this post solved my problem but I just need more explanations.

    Really addicted

    • Hi Kay….

      Thanks for stopping by.
      If you do need more explanations, you can ask all your questions here or could also use the contact button and send us a private message.

      Warm regards…

  • Liz

    Great post. One that people need to remember. My favourite drink is water, I am glad to say. It always concerns me when people drink the diet versions and think they’re safer. They’re probably worse than just sugar.

  • Alexandra

    I think this is such an important post! I, fortunately, do not drink the sugary drinks, but I worry about some of my friends who do, and the amount they consume. I really appreciate you sharing.

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