Prescription Medication Addiction

Prescription Medication Addiction 1

Prescription medication addiction is an ever-growing situation in the planet as a whole. People get prescription medication most often to do away with pain. If they become accustomed to taking these  pills to relieve that pain, they sometimes become addicted before they even realize what’s happening.

A doctor will prescribe a medication for a patient, to help the patient feel better and be more able to deal with the debilitating symptoms of either an accident or a disease. But because it was a doctor who prescribed this medication, patients usually thinks that taking it is very safe (though you can’t blame them for thinking that way). But when these prescribed medications/drugs becomes an addiction, is when they start relying on them to make it through a day or to even cope with life.

It has been estimated that roughly 20 million Americans have an addiction to prescription medications. And we’re not just talking about the everyday people alone. Celebrities, CEO’s, and millionaires alike can become hooked to prescription medications. It’s the most recent issue to affect famous people and regular, everyday people as well.

If you feel you might be struggling with an addiction to prescription medication, it’s necessary to first talk to your doctor. He (or she) was the one who prescribed those drugs for you in the first place, and if you find yourself needing more and more of the drug, you need to cut off your source to kick-start your rehabilitation process.

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If a loved one is suffering from prescription medication addiction, it might be tough to watch them travel down this road. Odds are good that the reason they were prescribed the drugs in the first place involved a trauma of some sort. You may be more willing to deny their addiction way before they do. This is a massive mistake.

If you are very close to someone who is taking Vicodin or Oxycontin for pain, keep an eye on the number of pills they are taking. You can track their usage and be aware when you feel they are taking more pills than are necessary.

Many people with a prescription medication addiction are scared to stop taking their drugs. They feel that if they don’t have the drug in their system, the pain will return. When this addiction has become more pronounced, the reality is that the pain WILL come back, but in the form of withdrawal symptoms. So they don’t need the drug for the original reason anymore, but they need it because their body has become accustomed to having the drug in their system.

Prescription medication addiction is not something you should mess around with. It can take hold faster than the blink of an eye and never let go. It is very vital for you or your loved one to seek help as soon as possible before the addiction becomes a normal way of life. Recovery from prescription medication addiction is possible, but it starts with the victims admitting that they have a problem.

Do not let another day go by, get help while you still can!


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  • It is so incredibly important to notice changes within yourself and others that maybe becoming dependent on their prescriptions too heavily. The opioid crisis is real and turning good people who have no issues into an addict faster than they can grasp!

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