Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps

Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps 1
Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps 2

Internet addiction

How would you overcome something so addictive as the Internet, — something the majority of us end up totally immersed in throughout the day?

I wouldn’t want to go into stating the reasons why you need to overcome an addiction such as this because I am assuming you are reading this article because you need a change.

The change can be diverse things: maybe you play an excessive amount of computer games, watch so much porn, sit in front of your laptop surfing the web all day long, constantly visit social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, to mention but a few.

What Should you do?

I will give you methods that I’ve discovered to be powerful, because I have also encountered this problem myself but was able to overcome it.

Techniques to Face Your Internet Addiction

There just isn’t one approach to face and overcome an addiction, so I advice you attempt a blend of these to find out what works best for you:

  • Face The Issue:

What majority of us do is to try not to think about the problem, or even acknowledge there’s a problem. Maybe because it’s an awkward thing to think about what makes us feel bad, so we tend to just put off this thoughts from our minds like we put off fire. But then, disregarding the issue or imagining it doesn’t exist does not improve anything instead it only delays the solution.
Face the issue, and by so doing, turn out to be more mindful. Learn what is truly going on with you. Find out about yourself and kick off from there.

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  • Increase Awareness:

You can’t change what you’re not mindful of. Lots of addictions occurred without us realizing what we were doing, until it becomes too late and becomes a part of our habits. Begin now to pay close attention to your urges and actions, use visual reminders if possible.

  • Change Your Communication Methods:

Rather than spend most of your time online chatting with friends and family, make time out to meet face to face with them if need be. Be sociable, go out with friends, Join a meet-up group with people of like minds, attend seminars and events. And in no time you might be surprised by how little your cravings for the internet will be once you implement this strategy.

  • Modify Your Schedule:

Try going an hour or two daily without the Internet. You may face some inner opposition, but if you let yourself know, “It’s only 60 minutes” or “It’s just one day”, then you can get past it. The key is to influence the period to appear a little less to your subconscious self. Once you succeed in staying off the internet for that specific period, try increasing the time from say one hour to two hours daily or one day to two days.

  • Identify Those Addictive Elements Of The Internet:

Sometimes the internet itself is not the problem but some specific websites or apps are the addictive elements.
For example you might find yourself going to Facebook every now and then even when you don’t want to.
Find out those sites or apps that keeps you online most of the time and probably block them on some selected device.

Rounding Up…. 

Remember the purpose of this article is not to shut you out completely from the online world, we aren’t asking you to throw away your phones and laptops nor are we forbidding you from visiting your favorite websites and apps ever again.

The idea is to enable you have a balanced life and not to be controlled by the internet or its elements.

And if you attempt the strategies listed out here, it won’t take long before you say goodbye to internet addiction for good.



  • Very helpful tips. Although Internet addiction isn’t as widely condemned as drug or alcohol addition, it’s definitely something many people suffer from including myself. My problem is that work and Internet often overlap, but I have to ask myself, “Is this more for work or for pleasure?” and even if it’s for work, it’s not healthy if it interferes with other aspects of my life.

  • Great tips! I find I get addicted to being on Twitter so sometimes I literally have to say out loud “you’re not doing anything”, walk out of the room and come back in ready to work.

    I think humans are so used to looking at addiction as being addicted to a substance like drugs or alcohol but the internet can be just as harmful even in small ways.

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