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How To Face Addiction


Jason’s life is beginning to reveal itself. His grades have worsened, he is in a bad mood, he does not talk to his friends and he has stopped going to training. Jason’s friends know that he has been experimenting with drugs and they fear that he has become addicted. Defining an addiction is complicated, and knowing how to deal with it is even more difficult. What are substance abuse and addiction? The difference between substance abuse and addiction is very slight. Substance abuse means consuming an illegal substance or using […]

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Drug Addiction Treatment


Drug addiction, which is also known as “substance use disorder,” is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior, and results in an inability to control the use of drugs or illegal or legal drugs. Substances such as alcohol, marijuana and nicotine are also considered drugs. When you are addicted, you may continue to use the drug despite the damage it causes. Drug addiction can begin with the experimental use of a recreational drug in social situations and, in some people, the use of the drug becomes more […]

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Cocaine Addiction, Effects And Cure


Cocaine is a drug with very harmful effects on physical and mental health and a great capacity to cause addiction in consumers. What is cocaine addiction? Cocaine is a drug  belonging to the group of psychoactive substances , i.e producing direct stimulatory effects on the central nervous system, mainly on the brain . Among its distinguishing characteristics is its high capacity to cause great dependency, so that even when taken in small doses, can generate a terrible addiction; another of its effects is a rapid tolerance to the dose, so the consumer tends to consume more […]

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How To Overcome Gaming Addiction

Anything, when done out of proportion, can be harmful. A little fun, more fun and more till it takes more time than normal then you know it’s an addiction. Some games are really fun to play and they can take away the stress. At some point, you may start setting targets and you will be so excited to reach those targets. These targets may include beating a friend or reaching a certain high score. Reaching these targets will mean spending more time than usual playing the game […]

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Sugary Drinks Addiction And Why you Should Quit

­ It is common knowledge that the excess intake of sugary drinks is highly toxic to the body, yet the rate of its consumption worldwide keeps increasing each day. In fact a data from a cancer research group in the UK suggests that British teens alone are consuming almost a bathtub full of sugary substances each year. How higher can that get? Well, before proceeding to give you the reasons as to why you need to quit consuming sugary substances, lets get to know what sugary drinks […]

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Porn Addiction; A Guide On Breaking Free

Porn addiction being a cancerous disease that it is, has eaten deeply into the lives of many individuals especially the youths of this present generation and so should be treated with all seriousness. This is because a person who is addicted to watching pornographic films and movies, will find it difficult to keep a healthy relationship. Some other things like depression and confusion can also set in. As the interest grows, the addiction to pornographic films becomes more stronger. If a person is addicted to watching pornography, […]

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Overcome Internet Addiction In 5 Simple Steps


How would you overcome something so addictive as the Internet, — something the majority of us end up totally immersed in throughout the day? I wouldn’t want to go into stating the reasons why you need to overcome an addiction such as this because I am assuming you are reading this article because you need a change. The change can be diverse things: maybe you play an excessive amount of computer games, watch so much porn, sit in front of your laptop surfing the web all day […]

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Prescription Medication Addiction


Prescription medication addiction is an ever-growing situation in the planet as a whole. People get prescription medication most often to do away with pain. If they become accustomed to taking these  pills to relieve that pain, they sometimes become addicted before they even realize what’s happening. A doctor will prescribe a medication for a patient, to help the patient feel better and be more able to deal with the debilitating symptoms of either an accident or a disease. But because it was a doctor who prescribed this […]

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Overcoming Nicotine Addiction for Good


In order to really quit smoking it is important to break the chains that smoking creates in your life. If you are addicted to smoking mainly due to the nicotine addiction you are definitely not alone. This is one of the biggest reasons why smokers keeps on smoking.  It is also one of the reasons why the cigarettes company sits around confidently while the economy struggles and people are cutting back. If you are addicted to their product, you are going to find it difficult to cut […]

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How to Treat Online Gambling Addiction


Gambling is one of the oldest activities humans have always indulged in. The introduction of online gambling was a mere innovation to what humans were already used to and it also presents (that’s what gamblers have been made to believe) the opportunity of making money. What Really Is Gambling? Well, according to Wikipedia, Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as “the stakes”) on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. In other words, it is the act of taking a […]

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